Artist Spotlight: Dayan Moore

Dayan Moore paintings linger in the space between realism and abstraction. Her seascapes and landscapes evoke a memory of a specific time and place. The contrast of colors and brushstrokes seem to pinpoint a landscape we have all been to but can't quite remember. Day's "wavescapes" show a splash of foamy white wave over a blue-green of sea and sky.

Day currently has seven paintings on display in The Bird Nest. Her wave paintings, such as Rollerwave II, pictured below, depict a crashing white wave that is both peaceful and energetic.

Many of Day's landscapes exist in a series, each perhaps a different interpretation or viewpoint of the same location. The rolling clouds in Sound Storm Diptych evoke a specific time, place, and feeling.

Her extensive travels inspire paintings such as Tidal Pool, Culebra, Puerto Rico, below, that bring the location into a still moment in time. These paintings allow the viewer to experience a memory of a place they have never been. Day writes, “I am interested in capturing the quiddity of place; the core memory of sights, sounds, and smells thorough an intense construct of color."

Dayan Moore writes of her current work as "an ongoing colloquy with the sea, exploring more deeply the nature of continual change by isolating a particular moment in time" which is evident in her paintings both stylistically and contextually.

Day is an environmentalist and advocate for nature and the many places she has traveled. A portion of her profits from paintings go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation which is an organization that campaigns to save sea life and conserve aquatic ecosystems across the globe.

Stop in to see Day's beautiful paintings in-person.

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