Artist Spotlight: Casey Shain

Casey Shain's collages combine various layers and colors to create seamless compositions. Each mixed-media composition includes various formal elements of color theory and juxtaposition as well as original photographs, vintage photographs, and found objects.

Casey was born in Germany on an army base but grew up in Guilford and now resides in Madison. His artistic practice began at an early age through drawing and woodworking. Casey went on to study music composition at Vassar College, and interestingly, has synethesia which allows him to see music and hear colors.

"When I'm working with colors that work for the piece it's as if there is a radio playing a song I love way up in the attic, it's soothing and I know I've made the right choice."

"My rented apartment is called the 'Museum of Broken Things' and is a tribute to my love of antiques."

Casey is an avid photographer and has shot more than 50,000 photographs in the past 10 years. He enjoys blogging and has a Flickr page where he shares much of his work.

Casey's work ranges from formal, such as Once the Future, above, to sentimental, including his grandmother's portrait photography which he alters in Photoshop and utilizes in his work.

The Bird Nest currently has three collage pieces by Casey Shain on display in the gallery. Each includes multiple layers that build up strikingly interesting compositions. Stop by to check them out in person!

Photos ©Casey's Flickr

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