Artist Spotlight: Corey Hudson

Corey Hudson is a documentary photographer who focuses on sharing inspirational stories of others. He takes photos of individuals who have stories to tell about their personal experiences and shares them on his blog and in a published book.

Corey's blog and book focus on testimonials of people from all walks of life accompanying a photograph of the subject. These stories put a face to a story and remind readers that you can't judge a book by its cover. Each story highlights the personal experiences of a specific person and often offers insight into how this person has overcome an obstacle or how they are still struggling in their lives.

Every Heart Has a Story to Tell is available in-store at The Bird Nest for a limited time or on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Corey also has inspirational t-shirts and tank tops with the phrase "You're beautiful." written on the front with his blog URL on the back. The Bird Nest currently has t-shirts in stock for a limited time.

Corey is currently embarking on a cross-country tour to share his mission and collect more stories. He is accepting donations for the continuation of this project. His future goals include publishing more books, creating a full-length documentary, continuing to travel, and expanding his speaking engagements.

Besides his journalistic approach, Corey also has several works of fine-art photography available in the gallery such as A Single Leaf, pictured above. These works are hauntingly beautiful images of nature that take a different turn from his other portrait work. The Bird Nest currently has five photographic prints for sale as well as the shirts and books.

Stop by to check out this inspirational work by Corey Jay Hudson!

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