Artist Spotlight: Laura Lyons

Laura Lyons is a fiber artist with a passion for experimentation in her process-based work. From shearing her sheep to felting finished pieces, Laura uses a huge range of techniques and methods in her artistic practice in her studio at Wildwood Farm in Madison. Laura is perhaps best known for her felted animal sculptures featuring both realistic and fantastical creatures of all shapes, colors, and sizes, such as the llama below.

Laura's goes through many processes before she finishes a piece which can include everything from shearing her sheep, washing, drying, picking, carding, dying, and spinning the wool, knitting, weaving, needle felting, and sewing. She does all of this in a converted barn she has transformed into her studio. This labor-intensive work uses old and new techniques to make truly unique pieces.

This adorable white mouse wears a hand-knitted sweater and scarf.

Laura has been learning and experimenting with a variety of artistic techniques for many years and studied Studio Art at Connecticut College. She has worked in carpentry, metalwork, landscaping, and all sorts of mixed-media which continues to inform her work as a fiber artist. Some of her most interesting fiber work is her relief sculptures such as her tapestry rendition of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, pictured below.

These extraordinary pieces are hugely time consuming, as you can surely imagine, but definitely bring traditional fiber techniques to a new level of artistic representation. She has been featured on and continues to sell her work on Etsy. Laura is exceptionally talented and The Bird Nest is proud to feature her in our gallery. As well as her felted animals including the tortoise, pictured below, we also have a frog, hard-shelled turtle, several dogs, and a fantastic rainbow rooster currently on display as well as a rug and two shawls. Stop by today to check out this amazing work by local fiber genius Laura Lyons!

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