Artist Spotlight: Jamie Marigold Page

Jamie Marigold Page is a potter who works with organic forms and pops of pattern and color within her functional pieces. She plays with texture and form to create matching sets with slight variation in pieces. Each piece can be used individually or within the set which makes them very versatile.

Jamie's large bowls emphasize her organic style with hand-built sides and slightly flowing edges. These pieces are beautifully functional for holding fruit with their broad sides. The cool colors and loose edges are reminiscent of softly flowing water. Subtle patterns add texture and dimension to these smoothly glazed vessels.

Jamie also makes beautifully formed juicer bowls that are perfect for making lemonade or orange juice. The form and function are of equal importance in these subtley matte glazed pieces. When not in use, the artfully crafted juice ridges become a visually interesting sculpture by themselves. The dish part has a wonderfully formed pour spout and handle for functionallity.

Jamie Marigold Page's work is highly process-based as many ceramic works tend to be. The act of transforming the earthy clay into a finished piece becomes meditative as it naturally becomes a functional object. Of this process, Page says that she "loves what it teaches me again and again - intention, deliberation, focus, and an ability to let go" to achieve a finished product.

"I intend to create forms which embody strength, grace, personality, and function. There is a great amount of time and care that go into each piece I create."

Jamie began her love of ceramics when she took a class at Wesleyan Potters in 2003. She has studied art including ceramics, painting, and drawing at Guilford Art Center, Wesleyan University's Green Street Arts Center, and at Wesleyan University’s Center for Creative Youth, a five-week residential art intensive. She continues her work at Guilford Art Center where she works as a Studio Assistant.

Jamie has a passion for "animals, nature, family, crafts, music and all things related to food: plants, pollination, gardening, cooking, baking, and sharing" which is evident in her organic yet functional work. She currently lives in the shoreline area with her husband and pet rabbit.

We currently have a variety of pieces by Page on view in the gallery including cups, mugs, juicers, and fruit bowls in cool tones and neutrals in her characteristic polka dot print as well as solids. These beautiful, functional pieces are perfect for everyone from casual diners to connoisseurs. You can keep up with Jamie on her website and Instagram. Stop by the Nest to check out these wonderful ceramic pieces!

All photos from or by The Bird Nest.

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