Artist Spotlight: Kiara Matos

Kiara Matos is an incredibly talented artist who works in porcelain clay under the name CeramiK. Unlike many other ceramic artists, Kiara does not limit herself to functional vessels but has expanded her practice to create beautiful jewelry pieces. Her necklaces and earrings are unlike any other pottery or jewelry but instead mix the beauty and functionality of both mediums.

Kiara works in porcelain with a variety of techniques including wheel throwing and hand building. She combines vibrant glazes with matte neutrals for a truly unique look. Her jewelry pieces include various shapes and sizes that work together in beautiful compositions.

Originally from San Cristobal, Venezuela, Kiara's love for ceramics began at an early age when her mother set up a home studio. She fell in love with clay during high school and decided to pursue it throughout the rest of her life. Kiara is primarily self-taught and learned through trial and error. She was able to develop her own language and style heavily inspired by botanical and natural elements, especially those found in her native Venezuela. Over the years, Kiara has made many pieces including functional and decorative, such as this leaf wall sculpture pictured below. She exhibited in Venezuela before relocating to New Haven in 2010.

Kiara's functional pieces do not lack beauty in their functionality. The teacups pictured below work perfectly both alone or in a set. Their bold colors bring vibrancy to a cup of tea while also maintaining a sleek aesthetic and fine craft.

Some of her other functional pieces include vases in a variety of shapes and colors. Kiara's large vases, previously displayed in the gallery at The Bird Nest, show a mix of both clean lines and botanical influence.

Kiara also experiments with texture which is evident in her jewelry as well as functional pieces. The grooved platter, pictured in the background below, has beautiful form and texture that works decoratively by itself. Though smoothy finished, the variations in glaze on the bird canister give the illusion of texture which provides visual interest.

Kiara's interest in birds has made the way for both functional pieces such as the canister above as well as freestanding mixed-media sculptures. Kiara's wide range of objects, both decorative and functional, keep within her high-craft sleek style.

From simple round beads to creatively shaped vases, Kiara's porcelain works have a unique style without compromising functionality or sleek lines. We currently have a variety of jewelry pieces including necklaces and earrings on display at The Bird Nest as well as the teacups and other functional pieces. Stop by to check out some amazing ceramic work by Kiara Matos! Also be sure to visit Kiara's website to hear more about her process as well as see examples of all her work.

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