Artist Spotlight: Kate Themel

Artist Kate Themel uses her incredible talents to blur the lines between painting and fiber arts. Her art quilts translate into beautiful images as well as tactile art pieces. Working with many layers in a very time consuming process, Kate creates beautiful works with thread and fabric that bring a traditional craft technique into the realm of representational imagery.

Kate Themel resides in Cheshire, CT and makes art quilts based on a variety of subject matter including portraiture, still life, landscapes, and architectural pieces. Most of her work exists somewhere between hyperrealistic and abstraction utilizing experimental color theory, material usage, and line quality. Kate's represenational portraits encapsulate the subject beyond a photograph through her use of fiber techniques.

Kate Themel's vast array of subject matter shows her true talent to translate a flat image into the sculptural world of fiber arts. Though her finished pieces are low relief, the visually apparent layering of textiles and threads add both physical and representational dimension to the work. Kate goes into further detail about her process and the many steps it takes to create a finished art quilt on her website and blog.

Kate Themel has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and began her career as a painter which continues to inform her work. The painterly way she incorporates machine-sewn thread as a line quality is evident in many of her works and is used in a variety of ways.

Kate has exhibited her work in many fiber and quilting shows internationally and has several works on display as permanent installations throughout New England. She also does many commissions for private individuals as well as corporate clients including hospitals. She was commissioned to create seven art quilts by the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale University.

The Bird Nest currently has two large pieces and three smaller art quilt sketches on display. Stop by to view the exceptional work by Kate Themel in person!

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